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We have helped hundreds of people who were just about to lose their house. We understand what you are going through and we are ready to help you by providing the best solution. Selling a house can be difficult. It can take several months, sometimes years to find a buyer. When you come to us, you will be able to sell it within a few days.

Save money

When we buy your house, you won’t waste money on Realtor Commissions, Inspection Item Repairs, Escrow & Title Fees,  or Seller’s Closing Costs. Put that extra money right into your pocket!

Save Time

Once you accept a cash offer, you can often get your money in days. No waiting around for “the right buyer” to qualify for a mortgage.

No Need for Repairs

Put down that hammer… You don’t have to fix a thing! We’ll buy your house AS-IS, no matter what it’s condition may be.

Stress & Worry Free

Save yourself the frustration and anxiety typically associated with selling a home,  like hiring an effective Realtor, or negotiating with buyers.


Understanding the Process of Real Estate Short Sales in the US
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Selling your parents’ house after they’ve passed away
After your parents have passed away, it is, of course, a time to grief and mourn. However, it is important to decide what to do…
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How to Avoid Foreclosure on Your Home in the US
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Connie & Jim

“Thank you for your courtesy, professionalism, and assistance throughout this entire endeavor. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated!”…

Bonnie W.

“If you are in the market to sell your house, I suggest that you please go to We Buy Houses [American Dream]. They are very efficient, helping you along the way  and if you ever have any questions just call them, they are always available. You don’t have to worry,…

The Radasti Family, Morrisville, PA

“We had a home that we needed to sell. It was our parents’ home and had sort of been in total disarray for the last 10 years. We really couldn’t put it on the market. American Dream came in, helped us with the closing, walking through the house and made…

Joyce K., Levittown, PA

“Hi, my name is Joyce and I live in Levittown, but I have a house in Thornridge. I’ve lived there for 40 years. I am now a widow and I came to the conclusion that I can’t keep up with maintenance on my house so I decided to sell it…

Sharon M. Phillips

“We want to thank you and your team yet again for all your help in the smooth resolution of selling our parents old home in Stonybrook. We were truly swamped with debt and so many more problems we couldn’t possibly fix. Your team cut through all the bewildering legalities and…

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