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Selling your parents’ house after they’ve passed away

After your parents have passed away, it is, of course, a time to grief and mourn. However, it is important to decide what to do with their house as soon as possible. Any mistakes at this period may lead to misunderstandings and delay. This will in turn translate to increased charges on the house. Here are a few guidelines to help avoid such situations.

Who are the heirs?

Before deciding to sell the house, you should determine who the heirs are. After this, make sure that they all agree to the terms and conditions. Heirs are most likely to be your siblings. Make sure that you all agree on the selling price, any reductions that you can make, what should be given to the home inspection and the attorney, and all the minor details to avoid misunderstandings while selling the house. All the heirs should be involved in making these decisions and those not physically available informed.

Clean it up

This may be the hardest step of them all as the house will naturally be stuffy and full of memories and valuables dating back to a few decades. It is important to be cautious not to lose valuable items. To avoid this, start by sorting all the useful items that you or any of the heirs want to keep and then get an agent to sell the other valuable items that you do not want to keep. The rest can be given to charity and then hire someone to clean what is left behind up. If all the siblings cannot be involved in this process, it is advisable to have an executor who will inform the others after every step.


Transferring homeownership

After cleaning it up, it is important to get an attorney or agent who will help in selling the house and thus transferring the homeownership title. This transfer will depend on various legal issues such as the contents of the will. It is important for all the heirs to be informed and for the attorney to be given all the relevant information about the home and the will provisions. The attorney will then guide accordingly to ensure the selling process follows all the legal requirements. It is important to use an attorney or agent you trust who will help you avoid conmen in the sale process.

Time is of essence

As much as it is a time of grief and mourning, it is important to sell the house as soon as possible to avoid accrual of charges. This means that all the above steps should be done with the time factor in mind. The more you delay before selling the house, the more the property taxes and maintenance increase. Special vacant home insurance is also charged if the house is left unoccupied. The heirs should, therefore, agree to the terms, clean up the house and sell it without delay.

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