Written recommendations from some of our happiest clients. A few of these have been transcribed from video testimonials recorded in our office during client visits.
Connie & Jim

“Thank you for your courtesy, professionalism, and assistance throughout this entire endeavor. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated!”

Bonnie W.

“If you are in the market to sell your house, I suggest that you please go to We Buy Houses [American Dream]. They are very efficient, helping you along the way  and if you ever have any questions just call them, they are always available. You don’t have to worry, they will do all the work for you.”

The Radasti Family, Morrisville, PA

“We had a home that we needed to sell. It was our parents’ home and had sort of been in total disarray for the last 10 years. We really couldn’t put it on the market. American Dream came in, helped us with the closing, walking through the house and made us feel pretty good about what we are doing with our parents’ home since they worked so hard to have it. It is going to go to a young family who is going to enjoy it and have many memories there.”

Joyce K., Levittown, PA

“Hi, my name is Joyce and I live in Levittown, but I have a house in Thornridge. I’ve lived there for 40 years. I am now a widow and I came to the conclusion that I can’t keep up with maintenance on my house so I decided to sell it and move to Florida to be around my family. I had the house up for sale for two weeks before the closing mortgage fell through. So there I was, stranded and upset and I came across Jeff and Jon. They came and evaluated my home and they gave me a decent price. They seemed very nice. I accepted their offer and came in and had no hassle with the paperwork at all. I signed an agreement and from there, I went home. They said anything that I need help with just to call and they would help me. And they did that exact thing. They helped me tremendously throughout the whole process. From the loading of PODs to lending me money and anything I needed. It was no problem with them and it was a tremendous help to me and I appreciate them so much. I say thank you to all the staff and everyone there. So now I am on my way and everything is signed and sealed!”

Sharon M. Phillips

“We want to thank you and your team yet again for all your help in the smooth resolution of selling our parents old home in Stonybrook. We were truly swamped with debt and so many more problems we couldn’t possibly fix. Your team cut through all the bewildering legalities and paperwork and made everything simple to understand and follow through with. Bless you! Bless you! Bless you! We will not hesitate to recommend you to others in our situation.”